Low Carb Pizza Crust – The Over and Under

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A Decent Crust – Right Off the Top!

There are arguably 3 components to an awesome pizza; the crust, the sauce, and the toppings. Any one of these items can ruin a pizza, but not a single one of them can save a bad pizza.

But what if you were willing to compromise on just one item? Which item would it be? For me, it would be the crust. I believe that replacing traditional pizza dough with a low carb pizza crust can save the day, giving me the freedom to eat pizza again.

The one thing so many of us miss as we prepare for bariatric surgery and after we’ve had the surgery is pizza.

8 Months after I had my surgery, my wife gave me a t-shirt that says on it, “I Wish You Were Pizza”. But how can pizza happen after surgery? Will it ever be possible?

I remember my first pizza after surgery (Perhaps a little too soon after surgery). I bit just the tip off one medium slice and tried to eat the toppings. But the bread from the crust shut me down. It was too doughy, if that’s even a word. It turns out that I am pretty much bread intolerant. To date, that hasn’t changed.

About a year after surgery, I was able to eat one medium slice without the large end of the crust along with some pickings of meaty items that fell off the rest of the pizza. So pizza can be out there for you, we just have to find a way to make it work in your new lifestyle.

Carbs and Calories – So Many Demons!

Would you believe that the U.S. Dietary guidelines suggest that we eat somewhere on a sliding scale between 200 – 300 grams of carbohydrates per day?Thats_a_lot_of-carbs

DANG! That’s a  lot of carbs!

300 Carbohydrates would be 1200 Calories. Our surgeons have not told us to eat that many calories, much less in carbs alone. Most of us have carb issues, anyway, so let’s just avoid them everywhere possible.

Back to the pizza!

Low Carb Pizza Crust

There are a lot of ingredients in a good pizza sauce and you can make it the way you like it!

What’s awesome is, most traditional pizza toppings are very low or even zero carbs! (None of them are pictured above!)

So, you can buy a nice sauce mix or even make your own sauce!

And you can buy some nice toppings and you DON’T have to crush cauliflower to have a low carb crust!

Now, I have an idea of how many carbs I can eat and still be happy, but I have a good feeling that eating 200-300 grams of carbs per day would make me fat and happy…Well…at least fat. Again

Thick and Zesty Pizza Sauce

I make my own sauce pretty thick and just a bit on the spicy hot side.

I continue to lose weight if I stay under 30g carbs per day and, well, if a special day comes up, there’s a little margin of error. I find that I begin to gain weight somewhere between 50-55g carbs, but that was when I wasn’t exercising like I should.

So, there are carbs in this pizza crust and more carbs on the pizza, too.  Folks, you have to consume carbohydrates. While I’m not here to give a bunch of medical advice,

eating vegetables as a significant portion of your carb intake can preserve your health. Not eating veggies can be harmful.

Hey! Here’s an idea! How about a veggie pizza?


This pizza looks delicious on ANY crust!

Net Carbs – What does that mean?

To make things simple, net carbs are the total amount of carbohydrates in the food after you subtract the amount of dietary fiber that is in that food.

For all intents and purposes, the human body ignores dietary fiber as a source of energy. This all means that we really only need to count carbohydrates that ARE What_are_net-CarbsNOT dietary fiber when we are calculating how many carbs we should eat.

Technically speaking, dietary fiber IS carbohydrates, but your body doesn’t see them as sugars.

Eh-Hemm! I Thought This Post Was Going To Be About Pizza Crust!

Alright, so by now, this is really no big secret, but my low carb pizza crust is actually a low carb tortilla that has only 6g net carbohydrates, depending on your brand.

Toast one for a total of about 6 minutes in a toaster oven (Until it gets crispy but


This is about how dark you should let your low carb tortilla get in the toaster. From this beautiful look, it will be burnt in about 15 seconds.

only almost burnt). Remove it and build your pizza on it. Stick your pizza (At this

point, I’m calling it “tortizza”) on a cookie sheet and bake for about 7 minutes at 425F before turning the oven to broil for a minute or so.

Take the pizza out, let it cool a bit, and eat it.

Awesome Sauce!

Okay, so this is the conclusion. I’ve told you how to use a low carb tortilla as your pizza crust.

I’m telling you, it’s not a bad crust, especially if you like “Crispy” or “Thin” crust pizza. You can have all of the enjoyment of pizza with very little work. Crushing cauliflower is not easy at all by hand.

But how about that awesome pizza sauce?

I make a GREAT sauce recipe that uses 13 ingredients. I’ll be happy to send you my recipe if you ask for it in email to admin@getsmallergoals.com.

If you are not one to buy all the spices and just want to try the mix, I will sell you a batch for $2 plus postage. (You’ll still need your own tomato paste and water). That’s not making me any money, just making you a great sauce.

I’m not a salesman by any means, so I’ll tell you that my sauce mix is not anything trendy. For example, it is not gluten free (well, it might be but I’m not saying that), it is not vegetarian (It is NOT), vegan, or any of the words people use to make themselves feel they are a better vegetarian than someone else. It does NOT have kale and it will not blow up in your pocket. What is, though, is more expensive the the squeeze bottle of pizza sauce or commercial can of pizza sauce, but far more tasty!

My sauce recipe, on a low carb tortilla with mozarella and pepperoni, should give you a pizza (Not just a slice) that has about 12g NET carbs. That is AWESOME!


This beauty was built on a low-carb flour tortilla with my own homemade sauce, mozzarella , mini pepperoni slices, a dash of cheddar and a dash of Parmesan

That’s on a regular paper plate, so it’s about a 6″ Pizza. You can’t eat all that, so stick half of it in your lunch tomorrow.

Even my wife’s nasty little store bought diet pizza can’t do only 12g of carbs.

Now that I’ve told you the foundation on which you can build your future pizza, I’ve awarded you with a satisfying answer to whether you can eat pizza again.


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  1. Pizza is awesome and veggie pizza is really good too (I can’t believe I put that in print-lmao) Might I recommend that you try olive oil and garlic (you can also add salt/pepper)rather than tomato sauce on your veggie style?

    I really like the idea of using the tortilla rather than traditional pie crust too. Thanks for the good tip!

    1. John says:

      Thanks for the great tip! I haven’t tried olive oil yet, but it makes sense! I do put garlic in my red sauce (Quite a bit), but an olive oil under coat would definitely lower the carbs, by half, in fact, and might even make the crust crispier. I’m definitely going to try it!

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