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Welcome to GetSmallerGoals.com! We’re on our way to beating the five-year odds and we’re glad you’ve joined us!


I really don’t know how I felt comfortable in life before surgery!


Jen and I are a married couple. Before we met, throughout our dating relationship and our marriage, we had been habitual dieters.

ParcelOver the years, Jen had more successes with supplement-based diets or diets where buying proprietary food products is required, but I had more successes with what I call “on or off” diets (the diets that simply forbid or limit intake to a certain category of food, like carbs, for example).


Jen might be across the table eating her nasty little pizza while I’d be processing some version of meat, cheese and a dark green vegetable.

When dieting, we couldn’t have been more different.

Our diet situations cycled through different phases over the years. I would be low-carbing while she might not be dieting at all, or she’d be doing her shakes while I’d be eating bland soup. We were never on the same page.

We eventually convinced ourselves that there was just no good time in our lives for dieting. After all, you can bet we let every single holiday, birthday, anniversary or milestone become a food-based event. Travel even had planned food stops.

Today, I watch my cat and her food habits and I just laugh. Not at her but at myself.


Yep. Machen still makes it through that door, but when she can’t, she’ll be on the food side!

I look back and see myself living with that one thing in mind. Eating.

Why am I looking back?

We both underwent weight-loss surgery in our 50s after trying all of those diet programs, and are now working to beat the five-year failure statistic.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? – Some Friendly Advice

I am finding that truly helpful information about nutrition for our situation is hard to find. Even the information given by different doctors can be conflicted when Opinion-Piecepatients are comparing notes. Our doctors told us different post-surgery instructions, as well.

I created this “blog” (if you will) to find and share real, relevant, and current information about Pre- and post-bariatric surgery health. This includes nutritional supplements, diet and activity. Yes. That’s another way to say diet and exercise.

Some of us want the best of everything, some are more practical yet, others will argue that either won’t work, anyway (If you’re the latter, you’re on the wrong site).

There are way too many far-fetched opinions on social media. I hope to run a site that clears the air of what are simply strong opinions, replacing bad information with good information that we can all be successful with.

I want to be part of something that fosters positive thoughts and attitudes and helps others maintain their post-bariatric surgery success and motivates them to get smaller.


Our goal here is simply stated in our site’s name: Get Smaller

We will encourage you to set attainable goals, reach them, and to set new goals to get smaller and closer to the goal weight that your doctor has set for you.

I want YOU to be the proven success!


It’s a long process. It’s the rest of your life, and you can enjoy it!

If you ever need a word of encouragement or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

John Guiles


  1. Hey John,
    you’re really upfront with yourself and I think that’s pretty curagous discussing a topic like yours with all of the public affronts bigger people get a lot of times.
    You’ll make it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. John Guiles says:

      Veit, weight has been an issue for me since an injury that I had received in the military. The weight stayed on long after the healing and became a lifelong struggle. It was perhaps a decade before I was willing to talk about it at all because it was embarrasing. Today, I feel like a normal peson. Sure. I still have some weight to lose, but I no longer pay $2 more at wal mart for every item of clothing that I buy.

      Thanks for the comment!

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